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My name is GraByte.

I will try and help you at the best of my capacity.

Thank you for understanding and following us.


It is always worth to haVE A main computer in our house ...

It is always worth to have a Main Computer in our house and a PC [rather than a Laptop] is the best bet.

We know, our 'Experts' in the field keep pushing us to unwired devices all the time and that is fine, but one main computer is always the best bet, in 'our' view and WIRED!

One main computer which also has a Printer, etc.


Manipulating photos

Many of us these days have a either a 'dedicated' camera or a gadget that has one in it. Therefore we are inundated by images and it is starting to fill up our HDD [Hard Disk Drives] or SSD [Solid State Drive].

Yes, they are now offering us this Cloud Space - a Web-space where you can upload/download your personal stuff, but in our view it is a fallacy!

Our personal stuff, is personal!

Why would we want to put it elsewhere? Just to be able to access it anywhere?

Well, that is for very few of cost and all is due to COST - especially mobile devices HUGE ADSL tariffs!

If you have a Main PC at Home [or a Apple, whatever you prefer] and you also have a second HDD for backing up your stuff or even 3 HDDs to have a DOUBLE copy, you are safe and all your 'personal' stuff in your house and not elsewhere.

The investment and running of your Home PC is the same or less than Cloud [usually] - so, why not?

We have even seen some customers getting rid of their Laptop altogether and reeducating their old PC or buy a new PC - because for the same price you get a 'better hardware amore powerful. Plus it usually is highly up-gradable.

Then eventually buy a Tablet for normal use!

If you also get a Blu-Ray Disc Drive WRITER - you can also backup on Blu-Ray discs for [we believe] up to 50 Gb of data - i.e. double-layer Blu-Ray disc.


Do you trust your personal 'life' in someone else's Cloud Computer?

We do NOT!

The usual question is: do you have anything to hide?

My reply is: can we do what we like? = Remember Freedom of choice?

Maybe in 10/15 years Cloud Computing may be a normality, mostly due to 'faster ADSL' + 'faster computers' etc. and most of all. The information you send 'heavily' encrypted by THE USER before is sent to Cloud Servers!

Note: you can also use your PC as a Main HDD to connect to/from with your Laptop or TV [to watch photos or videos]. We do not do that setup, but we are mentioning to let you know one of the good things you could do with your Home PC.