Get rid of Annoyances with GraBytes Services

Have your hard drive cleaned by GraBytes !First of all a big thank you to all our locals for supporting 'local' businesses.

Since 1993 [when our business was created] many things have changed and we have always strived to adapt with the times and that is why we have also being doing Data Recovery and Erasure Service and Windows System fixing and GHD Repairs as one of our main services. We call it 'recycling' because by simply fixing computer systems [software], we recycle.

Most computer users think - 'well, lets get a new computer, this one is slowing down'
Although it 'may' be an easy option [and a costly one] by repairing your computer at a fraction of buying a new one, which often is less powerful compared to the money spent, you will have a 'renewed' computer and most of the time you do not need to add memory or any other hardware!

Have your Hard Drive cleaned by GraBytes

We do not send equipment away - ever!

Have your PC, Laptop, Tablet Fixed, rather than replaced!

Support UK Small Businesses - mentioned above and coming from our own experience when a customer starts to have difficulties and computer slowing down, annoying pop-ups telling them they are doing something wrong and so on, we can understand it puts many off and buy a new computer! The most common error is to leave their own and swap it for a 'second-hand' one supposed to be more powerful - it rarely is!

So, the first reaction is: 'will buy a new computer'

Why spend £. 300 to 500 [standard laptops] when you can have your own 'working laptop' fixed for a fraction?

This is a fact: the second computer is usually less powerful of the first one.

That is when your local Repair Business comes to the rescue.

We are surrounded by many local wonderful and helpful businesses, just browse them once in a while.

Sometimes you simply need a new Hard Drive and if it has not failed yet, we can replace the HDD and [properly] clone it from the old one and do the rest to fix it and get it ready to be collected by you.

[note: costs will depend on the type of hardware - to be estimated after we tested it in our workshop]

If you are a good keeper of your gadgets, even if you spend half of its worth, you still save a lot as computers last 'many' years, if you treat them well and continue to do so!

Often we get customers coming in with their computer and disks and asking to wipe everything and re-install at factory settings.

Well, although we certainly do that too, we mainly [90% of the times] actually fix your system and rarely need to restore at Factory Settings.

The time it takes to 'fix it' rather than re-install at Factory Settings is about the same and you get to keep your computer as it was! No need to re-install all your programs, etc. and device drivers [i.e. printers, mobiles, mp3 players, etc.] and their updates too

Re-installing also implies you have Recovery disks, because if the HDD is on its way out- you may not be able to re-install at factory settings anyway!


We repair Tablets and most common repairs are he replacement of a faulty/snapped charging socket on 'any' Tablet with a usual 1 to 2 days turnaround - unless we do not have the parts required in stock.

We also now offer Tablets LCD Replacement Service with a usual turnaround of 3 to 4 days - unless the part requires more time to be delivered by suppliers.

APPLE iPads included

Apple iPhone and iPod too are repaired, but it may require a bit longer as we do not stock a full range of spares, but we are gearing-up!



Which Computer?

That is the classic conundrum for most of us.

That all depends on what you intend to do with it, i.e. what your 'main' use is:

Here are some 'basic' rules:

  • need a computer 'mainly' for photos?
    In that case the most important thing is the Graphics and the memory with average CPU speed and obviously a good Photo Manipulation Program.
  • need a computer 'mainly' for games
    In this particular case you need all the best hardware you can afford, just check the games you wish to play with and read the minimum requirements at the back of the discs and you will compare it and choose the right computer yourself - with 'better' specs than the game requires - if you can spend a bit more, it is always useful and makes your computer last longer, in terms of hardware capabilities and even worth repairing several times!
    This is valid for any computer.
  • need a computer 'mainly' for browsing the Internet and music?
    Most cheaper hardware will do, but beware of the eagles we have in the market - avoid to buy a 'brick' = check their reputation- ask friends and family for a reputable 'local' business to buy from

    Note: in this case often even a cheap tablet would do or even a modern phone with large screen, but in this case its price goes far up, unless you buy second hand - but a large phone has the all-in-one portability factor, if needed.

    Note 2: we do not sell computers ourselves [new or second hand] at present, but we do service them